Stanislava Franova

Financial Administrator

Stanislava Franova was born in Vyškov in South Moravia in the Czech Republic. When she was twelve, the family moved to East Bohemia. And after upper secondary school she studied at a business school for five years, graduating with a degree in economics, English, marketing and law.

Her career took off at Marius Pedersen, a big European waste management company, where she worked as an assistant, handling administration and contracts. After maternity leave she started working at Begoma, and we’re happy that she’s been with us for six years now.

”At Begoma, I started with bookings for our dispatchers, but now I work with invoices for the company’s finance department. I register them and check that all the details are correct, and report back to the finance department in Sweden,” says Stanislava.

”I have to be very thorough and make sure that the invoices are sent to the correct receiving departments. The work is flexible and not very stressful, which is nice. So I can adapt my work to the situation and even finish some of it during the weekends,” she adds.

Stanislava is empathic, adaptable and meticulous. She lives in a village in the district of Hradec Králové, 9 km from our office in Týniště, with her husband and their three daughters, two twins at age 14 and a third daughter at age eleven. Among her favourite pastimes are jogging, dancing, she attends salsa courses, and horse riding.

”We have a horse farm where I teach people how to ride horses and take them on riding tours, which is my second job actually.”