Iva Krizova

Team Leader

Iva Krizova was born in Hradec Králové in East Bohemia in the Czech Republic in 1978. After upper secondary school she worked with customs clearance until 2004, when the Czech Republic joined the EU.

”Then I was employed in the steel industry for a couple of years, after which I was on maternity leave for six years before I started at Begoma in 2013,” she says.

In her role as assistant forwarder, Iva advises trucks going from Sweden and unloading all over Europe, as well as supporting our back office with different transportation tasks. She is flexible, dedicated and dependable, taking great responsibility in providing our forwarders with correct and accurate information.

”It’s an interesting job where I have good relations with our partners and I feel happy when I can help people solving their problems. However, it’s challenging to find good solutions and I really have to prove myself and use the full capacity of my knowledge and sometimes ask the other team members for advice,” she adds.

Iva lives in a small village outside of Hradec Králové with her husband and their son and daughter. She is curious, cheerful and diligent and interested in many different things.

”Yes, it’s true. I’m curious as a monkey, as we say in Czech,” she says with a smile. ”Everything interests me: history, politics, cars, you name it. And I like listening to music and reading books.”