Begoma Strengthens Its Presence in Poland

29 januari, 2020

Leveraging on its well-established freight trade between Poland and Scandinavia, Begoma recently started a Polish branch to access the increasing export volumes from Poland to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Poland is a big economy, the sixth largest in the EU in fact. The country’s economy has been growing steadily for the past 28 years, a record high in the EU and only surpassed by Australia in the world economy. The largest component of the Polish economy consists of the service sector (62.3.%), followed by industry (34.2%) and agriculture (3.5%). Top export goods include machinery, electronic equipment, vehicles, furniture, and plastics.

Since many years Begoma Spedition has a well-established freight trade service, with daily departures, between Poland and Sweden, servicing all of Scandinavia. It’s managed by a trade group at the main office in Malmö and a sales representative in Swinoujscie. However, in order to tap into the increasing flow of goods from Poland to the rest of Europe and beyond Begoma recently established a Polish branch of the company.

Full-Service Door-to-Door Deliveries
”The annual production of steel and wood is increasing in Poland and higher volumes are exported to countries like Sweden, Switzerland and Spain. There are also high production volumes of furniture.
In addition, the polish IT sector is growing. LG and Toshiba, for instance, have expanded their facilities in southern Poland as logistic hubs, covering all of Europe. From Poland you reach destinations in Eastern and Central Europe within 24 hours and destinations in Spain within three working days,” says Wojciech Smolinski, Director of Begoma’s branch in Poland.

The branch is headquartered in Gdynia. It has its own base of clients and some 1,000 sub-contractors throughout Europe of which approx. 100 are based in Poland.

”We offer full-service, door-to-door, deliveries directly from client to client, including loading/unloading and customs clearance. We intend to compete with the big companies that’s been around for decades on the Polish forwarding market. Our aim is to win over the tough competition by offering the customers, clients and sub-contractors the best logistics service on the market,” comments Wojciech Smolinski, who’s been a consultant, manager and CEO at several logistics companies throughout his career, including Kenski Shipping, Ecotrans Group, BEWESHIP and INS-Logistics.

Rapid Expansion of Branch
Although most of the freights are carried out by trucks, the branch handles all modes of transport, including inter-modal and project transports.

”We, for instance, transport yachts from a manufacturer in Poland to Tahiti, by sea.”

Since the start in September 2019 to January 2020, Begoma Poland has gone from three to five employees and Wojciech Smolinski hopes to have ten people employed by the end of the year.